Neglect – Lucy

The story of Lucy began with a call from a friend who acquired a Percheron mare with feet in terrible condition.

She wanted me to come help her do the first trim after which she would take over.

I went out to look and I was shocked to see the condition of her feet once I started working on them. How could anyone care so little or did they just not know? As we say, how can you know what’s wrong if you don’t know what’s right?

Anyway, here are pictures of her hooves upon my arrival…doesn’t look too bad for a draft horse…some self-trimming going on, no serious cracks, flaring that I thought would be near gone once I’ve trimmed her, just way long, right?

When I looked at her dorsal walls from the near side, the walls were almost straight above the growth ring.


Well, when I turned the foot over and saw the blood already there… I knew this was not going to be good!

Virtually the whole frog was loose…how she didn’t get it caught and ripped off, goodness only knows!

There was no alternative and after discussing it with my friend, I removed the frog…and exposed this! The frog was almost completely decayed away.

I then proceeded to trim the walls an equal amount all the way around down as I did not want to change the angle of the hoof at this stage. I wanted the frog to heal up first…a lot of dead sole which I leave until she’s ready to shed it.

After disinfecting the frog and having finished the trim, this is what the hoof looked like. I was right about the flaring being gone. Now, look back to the picture at the top where you see the flaring…would you have thought the hoof would;ve been THAT long, that I could take all the flare off with the first trim?



Here is the solar view at first glance…

Powdery False Sole mostly removed…

Excess Wall trimmed down with Nippers

Then rasped and Mustang Rolled

Which left the foot high above the frog! Too much for it to compact.

So it had to come off and just as well. As you can see it would’ve landed up the same way as the off front frog.

Lateral View below

Dorsal View below – the cracks will more than likely grow out with the toes kept short!

Here she was still standing on the frog so you can see the hoof wall off the ground, but comparison is between trimmed Near Front and Untrimmed Off Front.