As you can see from the menu items in this section, here we are looking at anything from abuse/neglect to thrush.

Anything outside of diseases, that is.

Any time there is an infection going on, you will feel the difference in the Digital Pulse, so that’s really the first thing you would do whenever you suspect anything…check the pulse!

Check your horse’s pulse often, get into the habit, that way you’ll immediately know if there is a difference in his pulse throbbing.

Also, you want to tell the vet what your horse’s pulse is like on the first call. It shows that you take more than a passing interest in your horse’s well-being and is often a good indicator if there is something going on.

Watch this video to help you find the Digital Pulse:

Learn Here How To Check Your Horse’s Digital Pulse (You Tube Video)

Please let us know if you want anything else covered you do not see here!