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When I first saw the extensiveness of the anatomy (in other words, what goes on inside the horse’s foot and how it affects the outside of the hoof) I was totally blown away.

For years and years, I have never even given it a thought. My uncle or grandfather would get the horse from the field, shoe it and I would go riding.

It was only when Pepper came around and I had to start trimming his feet myself, that I started realizing there is so much more going on in those four blocks the horse depends on for his full existence. Whether it is to walk to food and water or to go in flight from a predator in the wild (or the BLM!), if there aren’t good feet under the horse, it is dead…no food, no water, eaten.

In today’s life, of course, we can make the argument that the horse stands in a stall, is brought food and water and has no predators lurking around. Well, maybe herein lies a much bigger problem, but more about that later.

I got to studying trimming of Pepper’s feet and questions started to come into my head as I read more and more on horse’s hooves. Why is this happening, why is that like that, why doesn’t his feet look like those in the pictures.

It was only when I arranged that Dan Guerrera, Master Farrier from the US, come to South Africa to teach a group of us, that I started learning Anatomy and developed a love for it!

In the following pages, you will find a host of information. Please take your time to not only read it but to study it, so you know what you’re talking about when you get into a conversation with other enthusiasts.

I am extremely grateful for Dan’s teachings that have made me acutely aware of how vitally important it is that we know the anatomy in order to trim to the inner structures.

Most of all, enjoy this learning journey!

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